Los Angeles Times

“Systematically yet subtly, the Bolings and their strong cast take this certifiably oddball film in some thoughtfully intriguing places.”

– Michael Rechtshaffen, The LA Times


Bottom Line: This low-key sci-fi feature boasts a terrific performance by Bodine Boling… Movement and Location is an intriguing, offbeat surprise.”

– Frank Scheck, The Hollywood Reporter

Chicago Sun Times Movement and Location

“… a Rod Serling-esque sci-fi adventure of the mind, devoid of special effects but convincing us of its dimension-breaking elements through the use of dialogue, performance and music.”

– Richard Roeper, Chicago Sun Times

Chicago Tribune Movement and Location

“Like its beguiling title… there’s very little about Movement and Location

that feels familiar or predictable.”

– Michael Rechtshaffen, Chicago Tribune

British Film Institute 1

“The drama that emerges from these broken, fugitive lives is as an allegory of exile, immigration and assimilation, while defamiliarising the things (food, water, space) that we take for granted in our own times.”

– Anton Bitel, British Film Institute

The Village Voice

Movement and Location is an original and intelligent immigrant drama… a surprisingly resonant film about how impossible it is for most people — no matter their cosmic time zone — to carve out a life that’s emotionally honest… You don’t have to be from the future to have the past come out of nowhere to screw up the present.”

– Chuck Wilson, The Village Voice

“It’s under-the-skin good.”

– Tim Cogshell, Film Week KPCC

Movement and Location is a must see film for our time…”

– Charles Bivona, Five 2 One

“The husband and wife team of Alexis and Bodine Boling have collaborated on the tender, touching drama Movement and Location… Despite its sci-fi plot, Movement and Location is a gently paced, well-acted, and honest depiction of relationships and responsibility in modern-day Brooklyn.”

– Mark Rifkin, This Week in New York

This unconventional and refreshing take on the [time travel] genre results in a thoughtful meditation on modern spaces, communication and all of the wonderful things the developed world takes for granted… In a less subtle film these moments would be overstated and preachy, but Movement + Location doesn’t dwell on them, relying instead on grateful and bemused reactions from its displaced characters to convey the message. And the message itself is simple as can be: appreciate what you’ve got and strike while the iron’s hot.

– Mark Allen, Nerdly

“Beautifully acted by the entire well-chosen cast, written with a tender specificity regarding each of the several characters on view, and directed quietly but confidently by Alexis Boling, Movement + Location proves a wonderful example of what can be accomplished by independent filmmakers on a tiny budget with a lot of intelligence and imagination.”

– James van Maanen, TrustMovies

“Unlike so many science fiction or fantasy films that rely on special effects… Movement and Location relies on its story and those who populate it, both of which are developed in intelligent, interesting, and confident fashion.”

– Mark Burger, Yes! Weekly


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